Add Hours Back to Your Burn Time by Fixing Candle Tunneling

***This is a follow-up to the post that shows you how to prevent candle tunneling altogether. 


I noticed my candle began to tunnel after I trimmed the wick too closely to the candle which did not allow for an even burn. I did some research across the internet to see if there was a simple way to fix it. If your candle is not too badly tunneled yet, you can fix it with something you most likely already have in your house! 


What you need

The only supplies you will need are a long strip of aluminum foil, matches or a lighter to light the candle, and time. 


How to do it

Take the aluminum foil and wrap it around the candle. Make sure you leave an opening that will still allow the flame to burn. The heat and light from the flame will reflect off the foil allowing it to evenly melt the candle wax. The quicker you catch the tunneling, the easier and quicker this process will be. 



As always it is better to prevent candle tunneling from the very first burn by allowing the candle to burn 3-4 hours every time (or until the wax melts evenly across the top of the candle) and to keep the wicks trimmed (but not too trim), but this is a simple way to add hours of burn time back to your candle. 

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