Save Money on Candles With A Simple Tip!

Before I began working with candlemakers, I had no idea there was a way to care for your candles. This is the first tip I learned in order to make candles last longer. It will help prevent something called candle tunneling



What is candle tunneling?

Candle tunneling is that pesky thing that happens where the wick continues to lower in the middle while candle wax on the outer rim of the candle stays put. It essentially creates a tunnel and wastes useable wax. Ultimately, this wastes the money you spent on your candle! 

Why candle tunneling happens

Candle tunneling happens when the candle is lit, but is not allowed enough time to melt the wax evenly. The wick is put in the middle of the candle for a reason. When given enough time, the heat from the flame will eventually melt the wax to the outer rim of the candle. 

How to prevent candle tunneling

The best way to prevent candle tunneling is to always let your candle burn for at least 3-4 hours. I tested it with the Driftwood candle (pictured below) and it took about 3 for the wax to reach the outer rim. Keep in mind the amount of time will depend on the ambient temperature of your house or environment as well. 


If you always light your candles with the intention that they will be lit for at least 3 hours at a time, it will ensure your wax melts and cools evenly and will ultimately, ensure the maximum longevity of your candle! 

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